Converters / Speed Limit Switches

The series type EV and MEV of Dr. E. Horn GmbH & Co. KG offers from simple limit switches to the programmable device with analog outputs and interface a variety of functions for machine protection.

The EV 256 series is also equipped with an analogue output for further signal processing, making it suitable for use on machines that are equipped with a computerized monitoring system and also require an independent speed monitoring.

The device series MEV 273 was specially designed for monitoring of high-speed machines, eg Turbochargers. There are 3 switching points and an analog output available.

The devices of the series MEV 265 … are universal. There are two signal inputs for rotational direction recognition, four alarm relays, an analogue output and an interface available. The programming of the device is menu-driven via its own keyboard or externally via the interface. The application of the device is, inter alia, in the monitoring of turbines, turbo-machines, compressors, pumps and generator sets.

Approvals from classification societies are available for all devices.

Frequency/Analog Converter EV 188…


EV 188…/47

Frequency/Analog-Converter with Limit Switch EV 189…  

Frequency/Analog-Converter EV 256.24 – 58

Frequency/Analog-Converter EV256513-58 ..

Frequency/Analog-Converter  EV29401..

Speed Limit Switch for DC and AC Voltage EL149…

Speed Limit Switch with Time Comparison EL151..

Converter with Limit Switch MEV265

Frequency/Analog-Converter MEV 273…3

Frequency-Binary-Converter MEV274013