The name HORN stands for the highest product and service quality.


The company has more than 100-years tradition and owns a large number of patents. Significant annual expenditures for research and development are the basis for even better systems and techniques in the field of status indication and engine monitoring.


Horn has a broad know-how in the field of display, control and security systems – from applications in machines and plant constructions to large motors in power plants and ships. Innovative solutions for engines such as oil mist detectors for 4-cylinder marine engines and bearing monitoring systems for 2-cylinder diesel engines are in reliable operation all over the world. Their aim is to ensure the highest protection for human health and the environment, to increase the efficiency of equipment and reduce costs of operation and maintenance. Early error and failure detection prevents unplanned standstills, reduces maintenance time and allows a better planning. Thus, the availability and the life cycle of motors can be used optimally.

Furthermore, these systems are characterized by their compactness and easy installation and operation.